Financial Translation

Stelmakh Translation Agency specializes in translations of financial documents. To ensure high-quality translation, we engage translators and editors with experience in the field of finance and business, who are fully familiar with financial terminology and are oriented in the specifics of finance and accounting.

For example, the term income is often used in financial documents. Any dictionary will give you many meanings of the term – “revenue”, “income”, “earnings”, “profit”. At the same time, the translator may come across the term profit. And the dictionary will once again be filled with possible options – “benefit”, “profit”, “income”, “benefit”. After a few paragraphs, the text can “amuse” the term “proceeds”, and the dictionary already includes “win”, “income” and “profit”. An experienced translator knows that in financial documents these concepts are not synonymous at all: proceeds is “proceeds”, profit(s) is “profit”, and income is “income”. And in the phrase incoming advice, he accurately recognizes “incoming advice”.

We translate qualitatively:

financial reporting: balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, as well as documents on payment and banking transactions;

tax and customs declarations;

audit conclusions;

credit and leasing agreements;

grant agreements;

insurance documentation;

investment documentation;

business plans and presentations;

technical and economic justification;

reports on marketing research;

commercial offers;

tender documentation.

Economic translation at the translation bureau “Profpereklad”

We have been cooperating with the largest Ukrainian banks and auditing companies for more than 10 years. Our clients are PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, PwC and Deloitte.

For example, the American FATCA law (the law on taxation of accounts of American companies opened in other countries), which is used by Ukrainian banks, was translated into Ukrainian by us.

In addition, we translated the Tax Code of Ukraine and a number of other legal acts into English.

Our company also translated dozens of reports on various projects (from infrastructure projects to agriculture) to receive financing from the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the EBRD and other funds and organizations.

The translation of financial documents requires special attention and pedantry, because one missed zero or incorrectly placed decimal point means a lot.

In order to prevent such errors that occur due to the “human factor”, we use special software that additionally compares the translated text with the original. In this way, we exclude the presence of errors in numbers, untranslated text fragments and distortions of the content.

We also format documents so that they fully correspond to the original after translation. This method is relevant for translating presentations or reports on many pages with charts, diagrams, footnotes and auto-content. Even if we receive the source document in a non-editable format (for example, just a scan of a PDF document), we recognize it and restore the formatting. As a result, the client receives not only an accurate and correct translation of the economic text, but also a completely competently formatted and designed document.

In the case of large and long-term projects on the translation of economic texts, the unity of terminology is important, that is, ensuring that a particular term/name/phrase is translated in the same way in the translation made yesterday and in the translation made 5 months ago.